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Watch out:
We are SHOOTING (our movie)!
Media Project 2017

8/10th of our film crew for this year's media project...getting ready for the first shot on May 11, 2017.

In the winter semester 2016/17  three teams of student writers created scripts and subsequent teasers for the movies they hoped to produce in the summer semester. The new semester began and with all votes and clicks counted, we finally had our winner. 

The next steps involved adapting the script to the new team of actors and actresses, detailed preparations for shooting the scenes and a short acting workshop.

Meanwhile we have taped over 160 film files on four days of filming and will continue to do so. It is fun, and challenging, and at times exhausting... But Grayville has been good us: very little wind and rain so far. For those of you who remember... better sound quality! Keep your fingers crossed and we will keep you updated on our progress.
PS: Thank you to the many extras that have already volunteered. Your participation means a lot to us. Please come back for the Night-Scene at the beginning of June!

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