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In the summer semester of 2010 about 25 students of Greifswald University's Department of British and North American Studies came together to produce their own little film:

NOX NEWS: The Truth Is Out There

Greifswald Student Media Project Team 2010

None of us was actually trained in film making. We shot the film with a standard Panasonic camcorder and used a regular laptop to cut it and insert some of the special effects. With creative ideas a-plenty, talented actors and actresses and a dedicated film crew that brought - among other things - Zombies to life, the media project was a great experience for all of us.

In the summer semester 2011 19 students fulfilled the promise given at the end of NOX NEWS. We produced a sequel  with the title:

In ANGELS we trust

For some of us this was their second movie and even our equipment was upped by a Sony Handycam. The film eventually premiered in November 2011.

Last but not least, we confronted our darkest hours and fears in a monster film noir. I am convinced it is the best film I have ever produced with my students. I would even dare call it my legacy, although that somehow sounds so ... final.

No Story in Black and White
premiered sucessfully in May 2013.

Just like our first Star Trek movie, we filmed in December and January under extreme weather conditions. Ice and snow outside, fire and blood inside, and a truly talented and devoted international crew have made these shootings the most memorable experience of them all.
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