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Sherlock Holmes and the 5% Solution
GODZILLA strikes back
Monday Morning Blues
Tour de STAR TREK-Force
No Place Called Home


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Sherlock Holmes and the 5% Solution

Inspired by my latest adventures, I have drafted a new beginning :
Hands clasped behind his back, the lanky man in the old-fashioned black dressing gown observed the passersby in the street below. Once upon a time this game of deducing nationalities from above had held some fascination for him. Since Londoners who could afford to always left town on Christmas Eve, it was foreign tourists exclusively who idled along Baker Street on Christmas Day in hopes of a glimpse of the famous consulting detective behind the curtains of 221B.

GODZILLA strikes back

The Japanese Godzilla, of course, TOHO's godzilla and yes, when you watch the new movie "Shin-Godzilla" (Japan, 2016), you will immediately notice the differences to the latestAmerican version(USA, 2014), not just in the way Godzilla looks.

  Godzilla goes head first through
Shibuya's PARCO shopping center,
then drops its clawed foot
on Ikebukuro's Sunshine City Mall.

Does Godzilla have a secret
anti-capitalist agenda?

The King of the Monsters can destroy the famous sights and places in Tokyo in the most spectacular ways and yet it is celebrated with such an enthusiasm and creativity that amazes even the most experienced monster hunter as I follow(ed) Godzilla's destructive path through Japan's capital city.

Monday Morning Blues

Monday Morning Blues

The day
Manifested in my sleep
No escaping the second time around
Or the third, fourth, fifth
You know the game
I wish it were
Repetitions of solitaire
Shuffling cards
Waiting for a solution
That millisecond of victory
I wish it were
Time before stepping out
Drudgery self-assigned
Fake it till you make it
Inspiration to all!
I wish it were

Tour de STAR TREK-Force

I have just returned from the Alpha Quandrant ... and if this means nothing to you, well, those people might not mean much to you either.

But to the Trekkies and Trekkers from near and far, myself included, they mean unforgettable moments: on screen or live... just like during the last days at FedCon 25 in Bonn.
Being just slightly older than Star Trek, I might as well admit that the stories these humans/(famous) actors told have left their marks in my lives and to see and hear them in person is a great way to be inspired so that - perhaps - I can pass on this inspiration in another media project.

No Place Called Home

I did not see any lucky cat in Washington DC but good luck still allowed me to come across aPockychocolate box on January 1, 2016 - atForever 21, itsWashington's Metro Center shop, a block from Ford's Theater, where Lincoln was shot in 1865, just a 15-minute walk from the National Museum of American Indians -alwaysmy first stop when I visit DC.

I have just returned from Washington, DC, USA and as I am putting these thoughts onto virtual paper, theLast Samuraitake their last stance on my TV screen: their world no longer belonging to them/they no longer belonging to the world they inhabit.

Totoro's Smile

I have just returned from one of the main lecture halls here in Grayville, today's site of serious academic exchange, famous politicians' debates and university professors' lectures offering the latest in scientific facts worthy of the excellence cluster we wish to be, at least for a day.
As I waited for the door to open so I could set up my presentation andYoshinext to my laptop, I could hear students laughing about its title "GodzillaRising". It made me smile because, one, the title proved to be a good choice right there as it got people's attention and, two, .

"P. is pissed, Take 1" or two pages of script unexpectedly have become 6 minutes of film with the barroom brawl still missing.

All SUPER!Heroes set for the action:
Singing, dancing, and a hillarious barroom brawl.

Today was a good day, and the fiery evening sky that I can see from my vantage point - the computer I have been using to cut our movie - seems to glow like my Magix tools.
It started slow and when I looked through the various vid files for Scene 9, a puzzle with what felt like thousands of pieces that waited for my arranging them into a beautiful image, I had lost track before I even took stock of them completely.

Picture this

Early morning at the Global Language Department in Grayville. Tired students moving chairs, clearing a white wall as a backdrop for today's photo shooting. Some of them vanish in the maze of rooms under the roof, reappearing as heroes, real-life and super, wondering - perhaps - why we would need more than one film poster.
Wiping their sleepiness out of their eyes, they face the camera ofKarla Kolumnawho is in charge today, directing the light, the people, the focus. No one complains, even if bodies hurt, sleep catches up with them, trips are made back and forth, tees are ironed with water and a blowdryer.

Chasing Thunderstorms

Last Saturday afternoon, dark blue clouds closed in on Grayville. I got into my car, rode all the way to one of our film sets, hoping to catch that lightening stroke above the "evil empire's headquarters" on film.
Or the rain as it crossed the gray waters near us.
Thunderstorms are incredibly powerful images on film and in real life: they scare you, or calm you, or fascinate you...with their lightening bolts illuminating y/our selective view of the world for that millisecond of life.


On Griffin U's International Day last week, I showed our second movie - NOX News - to the small but international audience and we all laughed when our FX made students disappear and eventually reappear as dancing Zombies. In movie number 3 Agents Scully and Dogget searched for those missing students and inBeyond Shadows, our hero's sense of reality disappeared.
Do you see a pattern developing here?
In fact, one of our heroes in this movie would vanish - in a way - too.
I love FX! Working with green screens and morphsuits .
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