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The Origin of the Name

Have you wondered about our name "Fly-By Images"?
How we came up with it is a true example of how Cultural Studies work.
In spring of 2010, when we had already done enough filming to be able to put together a teaser/trailer, we realized that it was time to give our media project a proper name and signature opening. After all, all great film companies have that.
On short notice, the students of the junior seminar on "Contemporary American Sci-Fi Literature", some of them involved in the last project and some in the current one, put their heads together. Since both films - Star Trek: TO THE RES-Q (2009) and NOX NEWS (2010) - were dealing with themes from science fiction, it had to show. Also, it would have to have an abbreviation that could be easily remembered and an image simple enough for me to draw it up on a computer.
A lot of ideas were considered: Alien Drive-By (too violent?); Alien Drive-by Picture (ADBP - odd abreviation?), ET Drive-By, ET Fly-By...
You see were we were heading, right?
As the central characters of NOX NEWS were those famous Specials Agents Mulder and Scully - and they were identified by their FBI badges - it occurred to us that the abbreviation "FBI" would be easily recognizable and would hold the greatest potential for redefining meaning. After all, we KNOW that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is not without fault (to put it mildly), but investigating is another word for doing research which is another word for - you guessed it - studying.
Perfect. Their badges would link a pop-cultural phenomenon with our work as filmmakers and our existence as students (and teachers).
Fly-By... inspiration ...imagination ...intelligence ...invaders: dictionaries offer lots of 'I' words. How about a synomym for pictures, because that was what we wanted to make/take? Now we've got it:
Fly-By Images

A UFO would fly across the dark silhouette of Greifswald, a yellow beam of light would indicate both highlighting of what we considered important in our lives at Greifswald U and the search for clues/information/pictures.
Definitely new meaning.

So whenever you see our FBI agents on screen now, you may remember the X-Files, of course, Mulder's and Scully's investigations into paranormal activities. After all, if you think about studying at Greifswald U, don't you sometimes feel caught in an alien conspiracy?
However, the real meaning behind those three letters is created by all of us every time we join forces to produce these (Fly-By) images. We are in search of THE TRUTH OUT THERE. And that's a fantastic (think: FAN and FANTASY!) task.


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