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NOX NEWS: The Truth...

Do you sometimes feel caught in a conspiracy? Where is the truth when promises are made and never kept? The origin of our story for our second film actually lies in what we experience everyday at Greifswald University. Something is going on that we can't quite put our finger/s on, something paranormal.
Undoubtedly a case for Agents Mulder and Scully!

So they are sent to Griffin University's Global Language Department where students have been vanishing in numbers that not even investigative reporters from NOX NEWS could explain.
The idea allowed us to go on a humorous journey through various times and places in Greifswald, above all, into the spooky halls of our department. And spooky it was, with a ghost-like librarian (played by Natalia who gave us wonderful bloopers), cobwebs and ... 13 hours of continual filming at one point in time.
It is moments like these, when everyone forgets their own trials and tribulations and gives their very best for the team and the common goal, that you realize you have found something very precious. Those memories will last forever. That's the truth.

One of our first pictures, some of us dressed according to their characters in the film, was taken in front of our very own spooky Global Language Department's building.

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