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On a Secret Mission

In the darkness of a late January evening, four FBI agents entered the rooms of the North American Studies Department to find evidence of a suspected alien infiltration of innocent students' minds...
Okay, not really.
Rather this is one scene of a number of others we filmed in our HQs as part of a longer live performance on March 31 in Greifswald U's Aula. As some of you might know, Prof. Hartmut Lutz retired on that day and we TRULY surprised him with our (at times emotional) film that documented his old office, the traces he left and some of the people who worked or studied with him. Some of which actually left us at the same time - almost unnoticed - like Andrew Mills, a long-time colleague, friend and one of our first Canadians who ever came to teach at our department!

You may watch the video here.

As always, I am very thankful for the help I received. I couldn't do it alone, you know.

Fortunately Human: Prof. Lutz amidst our team of Agents after the SHOWDOWN on March 31, 2011.

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