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A Taste of Acting

Okay, I have to admit I can NOT act.
I can manipulate my voice, the intonation of words, do things or not, but I can not act.
But look at the picture. It seems our film crew can. After just ONE acting workshop with Ms. L! It must be talent, hers and yours.
The script, believe me, will challenge these - your - acting talents more than anything. Who says an action movie is all about beating each other up, right?
Be brave! Explore your character's "character" and motivations. Share who you are with us - and, yes - with the people who will watch the film eventually. An acting coach, whose book I have read, suggested this is the way to make the audience fall in love with you.
I look at this picture and I think, she is absolutely right.

1 Kommentar zu A Taste of Acting:

Ms L on Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011 20:05
I can only agree with the above. You guys rock and will make this film a big success. And the Oscar goes to... Greifswald!
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