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Day 2 and 3: The Story Unfolds...

On Friday night, passers-by might have wondered about a small group of people in front of a shabby house, trying to "break in". Well, not really, of course. If they had witnessed the spooky scenes INSIDE the house, however, they would have been puzzled indeed. Or worried.
A long shooting day (4 p.m. to almost 11 p.m.) was then followed by another shooting day (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) that felt more relaxed, but really required filming of some of our first emotionally challenging scenes. Our movie's title is 'In Angels we trust' and it appears they ARE definitely trustworthy.

Our Angels, Franziska, Anke and Viktoria log in to Student No 1's twitter account "OUTCOLD81". Have you?

The setting was considerably more beautiful on Day 3 since we filmed at someone's private apartment. - Thank you to the friendly hostess! -
As more and more video files are accumulating on our project's laptop, we can gradualy see the story taking shape. That's a great feeling and - since it is only May - a reason to be optimistic: We can do it.

Something appears to be wrong. What is the mystery? And can our Angels uncover the truth?

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