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The Truth: Up Close and Personal

So the final scenes have been shot, the pictures for the posters have been taken and you can close that chapter of your life now - until the premiere once again will remind you of (only) the wonderful moments - and not the nightmares - of making the movie that is and is not about you.
Making movies, for most people, is a business.
For me, it is storytelling.
And the chance, for once, to get to know my students on a level that at times feels too personal for them and me.
As the thunderstorm is coming down on Graywood and Griffin University right now, I am reminded of the light and the darkness that filming this movie has brought into my life. I am thankful for every moment.
In the long hours that we spent together, when you slipped into your characters and perhaps did not notice that it was based on you, really, when I tried my best to make you look great on screen, or when you performed out of character in a way that so endeared you to me, your "teacher", you most likely did not realize how special all of you have become to me.
And when you touch the heart of a human, s/he is likely to react in a very human way.
You have seen it.
More embarassment for you - and me, because university often leaves no room for being human.
But isn't that what our film is all about?
That we shed our covers as students and teachers and venture into the realm of the "paranormal" to explore the true meaning of being human?
There will always be people who will try to downplay this very experience of light and darkness. Envious, perhaps, that for once you have held in your hands more than books and facts. Maybe you don't even want to admit it to yourself that this was special. The arrogance of youth, I understand. Or just the need to be cool.
The truth as I am feeling it right now is complicated. We all need time to 'digest' this experience, need time to find the right distance again. After all, those are the rules of university life, right?
Never give up on a miracle.
This whole project...
"I wouldn't change a day..." (Scully, X-Files)
Why don't we allow ourselves to be fully human: logic and feeling, distance and closeness...?
THANK YOU, everyone, for being such fascinating human beings.

Something to remember: Franziska, Viktoria and Anke as Charlie's Angels, Sven as Agent Mulder, Stefan as Agent Doggett and two of our Bad Guys: Mike as B.A. Fog and Hannes as Elliot.

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