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Cut (ing)! ... Ouch!

As the summer semester ended, three people were left with the task of cutting those takes after takes (more than 13 GB and more than 800 film files!) into the final film. All of us had experience and basically liked the creative and technical aspects of cutting film.
At least when we began... 
So what's the big deal?
For one, we were faced with the typical challenges... finding the best acting, finding the scenes with the best sound...
Takes a long time, but hey, doable - with enough coffee around.
Sometimes however, in those best scenes, body parts  - and props - did not line up.
Sounds weird?
Yes! Arms magically moved from up to down, heads from left to right, ashtrays from the right side of the desk to the left, chairs appeared and disappeared behind crucial outdoor scenes. Not to mention sunshine, clouds,wind/no wind, strange noises...
How do you make movie magic when everything screams "mistakes"?
By filming scenes again and again, or new ones for the transitions from one scene to another. With diligence and giving in to the realization that an amateur movie can NOT be perfect.
... admits the perfectionist in me.
Sometimes it felt as if we would never find an end, never get to the point where the film would be ... done.
Letting go of something you feel could still be improved on is hard, believe me.
And I'm not even talking about the difficulties of agreeing on music if your three cutters all have different music preferences. Argh!
Give us a break, please!
In exchange I will share a little secret with you, one of the many we cutters have to keep to ourselves just so we don't spoil your fun watching the movie:
We cut Hunt's break-in scene twice. A shorter, spiced up version is in the movie. What really happened to Hunt,the longer version, exists as an extra scene. If I'm not too nervous on November 19, I will upload that additional scene BEFORE the actual premiere and link it here... a little gift to everyone who appreciates our work as the cutters of our/your film and understands that we - Stefan, Hannes, and Anette - are "magicians" of sorts, but no gods.

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