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The Stillness of the Day After

It is Sunday after our premiere. The sun is shining, the sky, after all those days covered in fog, is finally blue and the humming of my laptop and my tapping on the keys are the only sounds that otherwise would make this moment absolutely quiet.
Movies move people.
We saw it last night when spontanous applause broke out over our action scene. We got people moving (physically) and people were moved in response.
Or your happiness over the completed film. You so deserved it to be the great movie it is because you moved from the (simple) enrollment into the course to discussing the initial ideas to the filming of moving pictures to going through the actual premiere.
I was touched (or, you guessed it, moved) by your tokens of friendship last night. The little personal messages on the T-shirt and  especially the director's chair. A little bird told me you weren't sure if this was a great idea because why would I need a chair if, during the filming, I was moving around all the time.
Just like in my real life.
Do you remember my speech from last night? About moving from one task to the next, functioning raher than living? Very few of you may know that I actually love to be on the move. Not because I'm an adrenalin junkie or because I'm impatient (in fact, I am both patient - think of how else I could enjoy cutting film - and impatient, culturally determined by the 90-minute-sessions of our courses), but because this is how I can get things done, how I can experience life - as Scully would say - in all its dimensions.
Hold on.
No, not all dimensions. There is a dimension inside us,too.
I wonder if I have explored that dimension of my self enough. Or if I even should. Perhaps it would be too egoistical, or egocentric,make me forget that there are people around me. I could also cheat, take short cuts, move without logic from one emotion to the next.
Irrelevant psycho-babble.
I LOVE the chair!
Thank you so much!
It reminds me of the need to give it a rest.
When we began the project, the trees outside my window were about to sprout their first leaves. Now the leaves cover the ground in my garden. Winter is the time when those trees rest so that next spring ... ah, you know the story.
I guess we need the time "out" so that our own stories,those for movie number four can "sprout". Whatever moving pictures may eventually come out of it, they first and formost have to move us. Without that inner dimension  they will only move us physically.
The stillness of the day after.
I will switch off my laptop for a while now and enjoy it in my wonderful chair....


... though it also says "director" on its back.
And I SO look forward to working on the next movie with you.

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