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Sparkling New Ideas for 2012

As winter is losing its grip on Graywood and blue sky and sunshine today reminded me so convincingly of the coming spring, new ideas are finally beginning to blossom...
2012...not the end of the world, as some X-Philies may believe, but the year to get rolling.
Filming that is.
Indeed we will have a busy year ahead of us many projects in various constellations...genre-wise, participant-wise, challenge-wise...
The first step is my practical class "Writing for TV and Film." I hope to set up a great team of students to (screen-)test our imagination, maybe find some talented writers again - or actors and actresses who can take on the parts of anchormen and anchorwomen - to turn what is going on at Griffin U into exciting documentaries, Late Night Shows etc.
Then it is Newport News... visitors from CNU and their adventures here will certainly be a worthwhile topic. But what's more tempting to put on film is our own adventures over there...8 students from Griffin U in search of ...
Psst, no telling yet.
Only, I KNOW I have some very creative people in my team of fellow travellers, drama queens and all... I can practically see some surprises coming.
Finally our Media Project 2012 starting in October 2012 with the new winter semester. If all goes well ... together with my favorite co-producer. We have a few basic ideas ... black and white, lots of overacting and I want those monsters or superheroes, or better yet, both of those, and definitely CGI and/or lots of FX... just because I missed doing CGI for our last film (even though Agent Mulder's green blood did give us some good laughs)...
I'm sure once we get going many inspiring/inspired  and enthusiastic people around at Griffin U... can't wait to hear their ideas and share their  monster dreams.
And if we go with Godzilla... I'm toying with that idea of bringing it home from Tokyo to Graywood in September. More excitement.
So.... lots of ideas and definitely more to come. It's so much fun to imagine, right? All the things we can do...
Check us out because we will be out there for you, for us...

See you soon,


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