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Too Long for a Tweet

So I unpacked my Sony camera today, afixed it to the tripod (how fast you forget to do it the right way!) and my new summer team eventually called for "ACTION".
Yes, it's been a while.
The "In-front-of-the-camera-jitters", the bloopers, the feet in so many mouths...all so familiar and yet all so new. I guess you need a lot of experience for... weather forecasts?!
Writing for TV and film seems to be harder than we thought and then to actually say the text in front of a camera...and fellow students...

I applaud your courage. I love your enthusiasm (and the little clouds and suns you printed out or drew on the whiteboard) and I admire the confidence some of you already have so early on in the semester.
In the coming days I will go back to my dear computer and cut what we have taped so that you can see yourselves shine, sparkle and occasionally trip over your own feet.
But only you. It's a secret we will share only among us, if you like.
Then more hard but also fun work will lie ahead of us and that is what I truly look forward to...working together with my new team, getting to know each other, watching the progress.
Which reminds me... a whole bunch of Godzilla pictures is waiting for me to try transforming them into an animated form/film.
Should it be any good, I'll let you know/see.
With more frequent updates on FBI's many new projects coming this semester.


BTW: Have you discovered the trick I used to get Godzilla to lean forward?  ;-)

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