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So we won't forget...

At the beginning of April 2011, 19 students and two of their teachers from Greifswald University's Department of British and North American Studies came together to gain practical experience in producing an action movie from scratch, literally.

This is us. One final shot on July 13, 2011 in the real halls of our fictitious Griffin University in Graywood.
Every single one of us was willing to put in our time, energy and - above all - creativity and passion in order to make our media project a success.  Faced with difficult choices and unexpected challenges during the filming, we have grown into a true team, friends even, who know each other's strengths and weaknesses.
It is November now, a new semester is well on its way and  - FINALLY - our 42-minute film in the English language

premiered on November 19,2011 at 19:00 hrs in the Mensaclub Greifswald.
The story is no longer a secret, naturally. The Zombies were back, sort of. So was Ethan Hunt, Agents Mulder and Scully and we introduced new heroes and their actors and actresses, untrained, yet spectacular in their performances.
And that action sequence we promised you? So much detailed filming and patient cutting, yet worth every second: definitely COOL! Don't you think?
At least our guests fell into spontaneous applause.
So thank you everyone for being a part of our project or a supporter. Your producers, Ms.L. and I, certainly had a great evening and we can't wait to get the next project underway.

As your friendships grew in the course of our project, your co-producers became a great team,too. Shakespeare and X-Files together. Who would have thought?

Anette Brauer

PS: "The Truth is Out there". It certainly is: You are FANTASTIC and so is the movie!
AND thanks to Alex, here you can see it online.

PPS:Enjoyed it? Why don't you check out our movie no.2
 "NOX NEWS: The Truth is Out There"(2010)?

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