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Human/Monster/Philosophy the course of human events we have detached ourselves quite a bit: from the accidental fire by learning to catch the sparks when two stones meet head-on, from gods above as we claim responsibility for our own lives, you from your parents when you became students here.

The other day, as I studied my shadow before me, I wondered if my dark side could detach itself from me. Would it run free as a monster? You know, like the mythical soulless creatures that stare back at us when we look at our mirror images.
That's when I got the idea for our new project's description, put it on paper, sent it to my co-producer, worried that maybe my note there - down at the bottom - would scare away potential participants.
Just like my last "What it takes..." video: quite a bit of complaining in there. I ought to check if my old blog entries carry the same tune.

As humans we have become so individualistic, so obsessed with our very own creature comforts, so detached from other humans around us in real life, that I sometimes fear we hardly recognize each other anymore.
I write this in the awareness of my own free will and isolationist tendencies, my need for independence. My choice. My right.

In Philosophy, recognition is a basic social concept: We ARE because we are aware of our selfs (Cognito ergo sum.) But we truly need the recognition by others and of others for the confirmation of our existence.
What good is it if you know your talents but no one else does? How will the others recognize your talents if you don't share them,recognizing their opinion/their existence?
Mind you, I don't suggest you should make your existence dependent on other people's opinions. No, you can still argue with them...
...and in the process lose the "d" before "attached" and gain recognition.

So how does that connect to our new film's story?
Frankly, I don't know because the story will develop when you decide to become attached to it, forgoing some of your creature comforts for a while, invest time, energy, creativity, your own self.
I used to promise all project participants their very own five seconds of fame at the premiere - the most popular form of recognizing someone's efforts in our time.
They will come.
However, the true recognition of your self will happen - over the course of this new project - when your talents balance the talents of your teammates, when you share your strengths and weaknesses with us, when your humanity brings light into our (imaginary) world of shadow monsters, whether attached to or detached from us.

You know why they are called "movies", right?
Because you have to move to make them.
We have taken the first steps.

Go ahead.
It's your turn now.

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