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First of all, this is the only time I will apologize in advance to our potential film viewers. Yes, you do NOT play basketball in the snow. It actually makes no sense. I understand. I'm sorry we couldn't wait for better weather (You should have seen the snow storm we tried to shoot that scene in yesterday. Might help you appreciate how much better it was today.) We did shovel snow though. Honestly.
Only, you know, one of our main actors is actually Canadian.
When his fingers got so stiff that he could not unfold..."something", he rubbed them warm with snow.
Hello to all our friends in Canada and we bow before your way of dealing with the cold.

That said, we needed only about 90 minutes for shooting almost two pages of text. THAT is pretty cool! Did the outside chill factor made us do it? The talent? Did good luck help a little? Team work? Excellent planning? Enthusiasm?
EVERYONE gave their best and I think this will show.
Even in the snow.
So to stick with the metaphors just a bit longer, I can feel your warmth, people. It makes me smile, it makes me want to hug you because it is so, so...amazing to find this. When I slammed against the fence? Didn't hurt at all and you were concerned nevertheless. Cool sound effect (I hope)! And we laughed!
Heart warming.
To see Alan and Alex huddled in the blanket in a very short break ... I only later noticed, how much more this film is about love in all its forms. Not just fear. Maybe this is the answer to the questions raised in the story? You decide. Later. At this moment, I feel just so absolutely blessed by having sweet people like you unafraid of showing me/us their love in the team.
Heart warming.
And I know for sure that there are a few more out there who are waiting for being together again to share their warmth with each other.
Against the cold.
Here in Grayville; there in Canada.

3 Kommentare zu Cold,!:

Maria on Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013 22:55
awww .... the things you write always sound so good to me ! Yes indeed - this film offered such amazing opportunities for us - we found new friends, new filming and acting experience and even cross the teacher-student border ;) It's such a good feeling to be part of a group like this!!
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Xenia on Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013 23:14
Winter hangs on with both hands and won't let go. And the only real comforts against the cold are those you keep close to your heart.
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Alex on Montag, 14. Januar 2013 12:17
Awww =) This entry made our day, it's really fun to be part of the film crew and we had the same feelings during the cold shoot yesterday!
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