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Too much thinking?

I got a thought-provoking remark yesterday from someone as a commentary on our successful start of our trailer a couple of days ago.  He suggested the last film might not have been so successful because for an action movie there was just too much thinking in it.
So you want mindless action in an action movie. Okay, accepted, since many action movies do convey simple messages (sure you know other examples). But does anyone remember how difficult and complex it was to even create those 1:30 min of action sequence in our last movie? You wanna blow up cars? Why not?! Who volunteers their car? 
You wanna fight? Who volunteers? Who is not afraid to hurt and get hurt? (And honestly, I admire Jackie Chan, but he was unavailable at the time for both the part and the teaching ;-)
You wanna set things on fire?
Oh yes! I love fire. It is in fact one of the constants, at least in my last trailers, if you so happened to notice. Fire is powerful. It can destroy things, the smoke gets into your lungs, makes your faces dirty, takes away your breath... Some of you may remember now... ;-) Some of you were scared, warned me of the imminent dangers...just wanted out
So you want more action, less thinking.
There may be a difference between Hollywood and Fly-By film productions after all.
There may also be the difference between watching a movie and producing one.
It is not just the story and interpretation of our new movie that will require some thinking, something that may come easy to you since you are students at Griffin University. As a writer I gave it a lot of thought, of course. As a director I thought about which images may represent those thoughts. You, as my actors and actresses, brought your very own ideas into your actions and I am happy to see that in those moments of shooting the scenes you forgot to think about yourself first but rather remembered what we were all up to: producing OUR film! You were cold, hurt yourself as you ... (oh, I can't tell you some of the "stunts" yet, sorry)...looked your scariest...wondered about sets and props...
Yes, filming is passion.
Yes, filming is - we hope - the way to good entertainment.
Yes, filming requires thinking.
Thinking means to have a vision about what you want to tell, complex preparations to put your ideas into actions, especially if there is a film budget of zero euros, and it means to have a lot of creative thoughts in the post-production about how you hide that one mistake (or two or three...), how you make sounds and movements appear and disappear, which music fits, how you cut 28 GB in about a month so that the premiere may come.
Think ahead. Think positive.
I am holding on to that thought that this will be our best movie yet and I hope that while you enjoy a few days off after exams you will think of me thinking of you as I see you walking and talking and performing in the most detailed way ...on my computer screen ...hours on end.
I love making movies because it makes me feel strongly about people and ideas ... AND  because it makes me think.

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