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Cutter's Song

Last night my heroes made it through their ordeal in the dungeon safely.
Those few who know the story of course also understand that there is still something BIG to come. A few loose ends still need to be tied.
But I admit that cutting Act IV...well, since I have managed up to here, what can keep me from finishing it? Even if ...der Teufel sitzt (occasionally) im Computer. 
I have never worked together with such a number of extremely talented actors and actresses. Honestly.
While cutting the film bits and pieces into the story (and more), I see you in ultimate detail: how you blush when the professor stares at you, when you raise your voice in a stern warning (but have never dared to say much in my class), when you try to control your laughter as you have to hit him one more time and the texts requires you to say...well, maybe the truth.  ;-) That surprise reading of one of my monologues when I just broke down crying as I heard it the first time on my little private sceen: Spectacular! It is those small things that impress me the most.

My computer screen...what are William and Alex looking at? You will see THAT AND MORE on May 7, 2012. Can't wait to show you.

When I look at the JOB of the cutter, though, I always think of the film title "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner" (GB, 1962). Cutting is solitude. I have spent uncountable hours in front of my computer and the world outside has lost its relevance as my story, as your work, as our film requires my intense focus. I feel like I have become more like my hero, sharing his insomnia, beginning to see things...desiring to speak to someone about my choices and, because it is all a big secret, can't. I am not sure if this is good. After all, this is what gets my hero in trouble in the first place.
This movie has become so much more personal on so many more levels that it is scary. Maybe that's why it resonates so strongly in me (and I hope that one day it will do the same in you). As you have allowed me insights into your own little details, I bare my soul in return. The songs are my choices.
Last night my heroes made it through their ordeal in the dungeon safely.
I powered down the computer and cried.
I am sure those were happy tears.

2 Kommentare zu Cutter's Song:

LX on Montag, 25. Februar 2013 10:27
Well, in fact, it was the truth ;) I'm so curious about the film, I wish I could look over your shoulder while you cut the scenes!
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Maria on Montag, 11. März 2013 09:13
You are a rockstar! we all are so excited for what you're doing. :))
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