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Fujisan, Sakura and New Perspectives

I returned today to a cold, snow-dipped Grayville, seemingly emptied of all people. Inside of me the memories of Fujisan upon my arrival in Tokyo more than a week ago, warmer temperatures, streets squirming with people and new perspectives every time I turned around another corner.

How I wish I could have taken you all with me to see those wonders... Japan is so very different from what surrounds us here and yet, there is hardly any other place I feel so comfortable at, maybe because as a tourist I (want to) see the harmony first, the balance between the hectic life of a modern nation and the ever-present refuges of peace and quiet, memories (and memorials) of an amazing, and yes, often violent history, both old and new.
It is a distorted picture, maybe, but just like with any other cultural experience, it is what you make of it, the meaning that it holds for you, that becomes important.

When I see how the Japanese celebrate the blossoming of the Sakura trees as an eternal circle of life and death, I can't wait to see my own Sakura tree blossom in my garden. It will do so around the time of our premiere, at the beginning of May, so fittingly celebrating the beginning and the end of a film project I feel absolutely passionate about. I guess it also means that our fourth film will not be our last one. New ideas will blossom, I am sure.

Although I first have to fit in that short shot of mine to completely finish our current film. Can you guess from the picture?

Isn't it wonderful to be creative?! There are always new ideas. Behind every corner lies a new perspective, a new idea ready for us to explore. Don't ever get caught up in the treadmill of your studies! Don't ever let routine get the best of you! I know you have it in you, this power, this energy, this creativity that can make your life and the lives of the people around you meaningful.

The shadow that walks behind you may not be your dark side after all. I learned the Japanese call it Kageboushi. It has short legs because it stands and walks so close to you. If push comes to shove, at least Kageboushi will always be there for you when you need someone.

Look at the new semester as a new chance. When I returned to Grayville today, I knew I would also see you again... my real-life stars, my brave ones who dare to discover new perspectives of, by and in themselves. Let's celebrate our work and our creativity in the spirit of Sakura on May 7.

1 Kommentar zu Fujisan, Sakura and New Perspectives:

Maria on Dienstag, 2. April 2013 21:38
Good to know you're back and glad you had such a great time. (You needed some time away from your work I'm sure, ha ;) !) However it makes me smile and I'm looking forward to tomorrow :))
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