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Part I: The Prequel
It was the night, not X-mas... but before our premiere that some of my stars were  invited to an interview at Radio 98eins to talk about their experiences during our film production. We had a few questions beforehand, thankfullly emailed to us by local film critic Paul. To know what will be asked is nice. Especially if the questions will cover some sensitive issues like what the movie would be about. Tell without telling is the challenge du jour, since at that point we neither wanted to scare people away nor tell them about the surprise ending/s.
And of course none of my stars had seen our movie either...only I knew the few extra surprises I had put in.
I listened to the interview in a room near the studio and was smiling like a nut all 30 minutes long. I enjoyed it so much! "Fleischerwerbung"...I distinctly remember that word. You did a great job, people, despite someone being all nervous.

Interview Radio98eins Kulturbeutel
Hear our stars in a live chat with Paul about BEYOND SHADOWS
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Maria, William, Alan, and Alex:
You were my inspirations for the movie. Now I am going to follow your example. Thank you, people.

Which reminds me...

Part II: The Sequel
Tomorrow night, June 25, 2013, 10 pm to 11 pm Josefin from Radio 98eins has invited Mike and me to do another interview, this time about all our four Fly-By movies. I am really excited...and nervous, of course. Strandkorbgespräch und Glückskeksweisheiten: that sounds very ... mysterious. Plus we are allowed to bring one song we would like to share with our listeners. Do you know how many great songs are out there? Wow!
I'm glad Mike is joining me. He has been in three movies. We have stories to tell and secrets to share in:

Part III: The Post-Sequel

Nacht am Meer Part I
Radio 98Eins
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Our radio hosts: Josefin and Malena. Thank you so much, you two. You were wonderful and made it easy and fun for us.

Nacht am Meer Interview Part II
Radio 98Eins
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Nacht am Meer Interview Part III
Radio 98Eins
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