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SUPER!Heroes: FAQs

It happened in those early hours of Valentine's Day 2015: My muse - long gone to shores unknown - kissed me and voilà, I had the idea for the opener for our new media project. Admittedly, I cannot quite shake off my fascination with sci-fi. This "what if" question is just the best inspiration ever. But else, what the title suggests is what you will get: Super!Heroes
So are you curious?
Here are a few answers to questions you might have while deciding whether or not to join in the fun next summer semester.

FAQ 1: What will the story be about?
Answer: Superheroes, students at Griffin University in Grayville - in other words: you - and strange transformations. What those transformations will look like and result in will be up to you as in the first three weeks of the semester we will develop the story together.

FAQ 2: Your last movie "Beyond Shadows" was extremely dark. What about the new one?
Answer: People claim I have an odd sense of humor. Which is why I need YOU to make the movie as fun and funny as possible. With no telephone booths around anymore, will Clark Kent change into his Superman outfit behind an iPhone? Will Griffinman's tail allow him to spy on professors while hanging from the beams in Audi Max? What would you do if you suddenly were invisible, supersmart...?
If you are funny, so will be the film. If you are hilarious, so will...ugh, you get the idea, right?

FAQ 3:What about the "musical" part of the film?
Answer: This was originally meant to add another level to the story and to later involve the audience in the film as well. We all have songs that we associate with certain behavior, unusual situations and overpowering moods. I mean, honestly, would Thor go Country or Metal? Let's be inspired! I can already see our foursome superheroes walking down Long Street, swinging their hips to "Staying Alive". Can't you?

FAQ 4:I can't sing and I'm not sure if I can act. I'd like to be a part of the project nevertheless. Can I join in the fun?
Answer: Welcome to the team. Bring your creative ideas to the storywriting process, learn about the technical aspects of filming from Anni Seitz, a professional documentary filmer, support the movie production as props master, gaffer, extra, special effects manager - digital and otherwise - and this time we will definitely need a boom operator, too. You will always be close to the action and, yes, we need you.

I look forward to all you inspired souls out there. Let me know if you have more questions.

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