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Writer's Jitters

"What it boils down to," the detective said to her partner, "is whether we believe in superpowers..."
When I write stories, I am manipulating not only words, images, and actions, but also characters so that a larger narrative can unfold.
More often than not, however, it is the characters that suddenly come alive and tell me what to do.
It has happened again.
As we developed all those wonderful ideas for our film's story, with so many explanations, motivations, inspirations, expectations, our self-imposed limit of a 20-minute movie proved to be increasingly restraining. So are four/five days of actual filming. Add to that your producers' different ways of approaching filming in terms of story telling and management, my desire to give everyone of our very small team equal respect, screen-time, character development (an impossible feat!) and the fact that I am not a professional script writer, you see me juggling the options to fail someone literally; the someone very well being you OR our virtual heroes.
Then, as I was typing on my computer a week ago, one character came to imply an idea and the other suddenly protested. He did not like the way people had ignored him. But neither did he like the idea that people would see the manifestation of evil in him from now on. 
There we go again, I thought. Good. Evil.
My problem with superhero movies exactly.
So here I am with my writer's jitters: If you expect a superhero movie, will you be open to superheroes that are...human?
And have I actually been able to grasp their human essence in 21 pages of script?
Or are we in this for the Special Effects? What exactly is it that make people watch superhero movies?
Will you laugh at what I thought was a hilarious idea when I wrote it down?
I don't know.
What I know is that once "my" superheroes are in your hands and minds, there is no way filming their story without the human in you.
Allow it to shine.

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