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On Griffin U's International Day last week, I showed our second movie - NOX News - to the small but international audience and we all laughed when our FX made students disappear and eventually reappear as dancing Zombies. In movie number 3 Agents Scully and Dogget searched for those missing students and in Beyond Shadows, our hero's sense of reality disappeared.
Do you see a pattern developing here?
In fact, one of our heroes in this movie would vanish - in a way - too.
I love FX! Working with green screens and morphsuits ...endless opportunities! (Our heartfelt thanks go to Man Not Afraid to Wear SPANDEX.) I can already promise some fun surprises for the unsuspecting viewer of our movie.
Unfortunately this reoccuring pattern of disappearances would affect us in real life also.
Do you believe in omens? Bad ones, as bad as they come to a film crew?
First the sound disappeared: whole files, partial files...

Where did it all go? Ofc. Banner (Peter) and Det. Kyle (Josy) in hot pursuit...

Then special CUs that we were so sure we had taken went missing. Now? I was certain we had recorded those fake "mini-explosions" that the script asked for. Searched our files for the umpteenth time. No such luck.
Fortunately, that can easily be re-recorded and I am working on the sound already.
So, let's scratch the "DIS" and applaud the fantastic appearances of our actors and actresses. You will truly be surprised by their talents and here is a tiny view of what they will (perhaps) look like. Officer Banner, by the way, was allowed to wear "the real thing" thanks to Greifswald's police department and some costumes arrived here all the way from Asia.

Day 1 in Lubmin: Made possible by renting one of our university's van and our Team of Eight.

How about a little magic/MAGIX now to break the vicious circle? Focus your thoughts, set your mind...and let the movie gradually appear scene by scene in the coming months. WE'VE GOT THE POWER.

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