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"P. is pissed, Take 1" or two pages of script unexpectedly have become 6 minutes of film with the barroom brawl still missing.

All SUPER!Heroes set for the action:
Singing, dancing, and a hillarious barroom brawl.

Today was a good day, and the fiery evening sky that I can see from my vantage point - the computer I have been using to cut our movie - seems to glow like my Magix tools.
It started slow and when I looked through the various vid files for Scene 9, a puzzle with what felt like thousands of pieces that waited for my arranging them into a beautiful image, I had lost track before I even took stock of them completely. Some scenes may be routine for an experienced cutter; some contain predictable challenges, for example if  various soundbites and ill-fitting images have to be matched and patched. Scene 9 is - dare I say it - absurd!
But for the first time, I feel we are truly making headway. You cannot but love this scene. It goes against all classic rules for film acts (a climax in Act II? Please!) Yet...
"Alright, alright, alright!"
It is the costumes, the music, the director's instructions, the spirit of everyone present, the humor, the tiny, yet brilliant ideas for the out-of-control fight that will cost my last patience eventually, the talent a-plenty ...and the special effects that will simply blow your mind - or make you ROFL. This is the scene that we will enjoy the most because it trumps all the problems we had during the production. Honestly.
I have three more days to finish cutting this scene (and the few remaining ones) before termpapers will pile up on my desk awaiting their evaluation. Keep your fingers crossed that the spirit of Scene 9 will continue to be so "uplifting".
You will have a blast watching it. In November.
Now back to work.

One-Day-Later-Update: ROFL...absolutely, totally ROFL!

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